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Reasons to Go Local For Solar

Local investment is the most effective way to help your community while simultaneously improving your home value and sustainable footprint. Going solar is the best and most effective way to reduce or eliminate your monthly electricity bill, while also adding value to your home and neighborhood (a win-win!). This is exactly why the state offers home improvement loans with a focus on energy consumption.


Our mission is to produce environmentally sound energy in Northeast Ohio. As a veteran-owned small business, our goal is to:
     ●    Add value to your home
     ●    Allow you to take control of your energy demand
     ●    Benefit your community
     ●    Produce green energy

We work one-on-one with clients to best fit a design for your needs. We don’t deal with internal red tape and instead focus on the details and needs of installs and clients’ specifications. This company culture not only leads to great relationships with long-term customers but likewise provides employees with purpose when heading out to another installation.


When you produce more energy from the sun than you are consuming it feeds back into the electric grid and heads into your community! A home solar installation adds value to your home, stabilizes the energy grid and shows how people in our region are making an impact on the world.


When you go solar you are providing green energy for yourself and your neighborhood. By investing in solar, you not only save money on your monthly electric bills, but you also generate clean energy that is consumed within your county, your community and your neighborhood.


At Better Together we employ locally. The various demands of solar-system designing, authorizing and installing require a variety of field expertise. This variety attracts educated, driven employees to either stay in NE Ohio or move to NE Ohio to take advantage of its growing green energy field. Solar is one of the quickest growing job creation sectors in the country. By investing locally in solar, you are ensuring driven local workers have jobs in and around your community.


The most important reason to think local when you think solar is because your local installer can be held accountable. When we install your system, we want to earn your trust so that we are the company that you recommend your neighbors. That way our customers aren’t just numbers in a spreadsheet; they are our neighbors and friends. 


Knowing NE Ohio neighborhoods with intimacy drives our team to strive for results with every one of our contracts. We have a reputation to uphold and a drive to better the communities we serve. That is why Better Together Solar will be proud to be your local solar installer.



(216) 236-3786

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