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Early Adopters Love Solar

Adopting technology early drives growth and innovation in any sector. An early adopter’s investment into the solar industry ensures the continuing growth and sophistication of our field. YOUR investment builds a foundation of trust while allowing you to quickly reap the benefits of solar energy.

As the market changes with tech innovation, the language used may change; certain distributors may come and go, or a new data system can sweep in as the newest innovation from time to time. What remains the same is the solar industry’s dedication to producing clean energy from the sun while maximizing your ROI with reduced electricity costs.

Solar energy has been used in space shuttle technology in the late 1950s, but the technology is now more efficient and cost effective than ever. Today’s industry has rapidly expanded to include large-scale utility generation as well as individual systems to power homes and businesses. Our mission at BT Solar is to maximize your return for your photovoltaic solar system.

Technological innovations allow the solar industry to compete with traditional electricity utilities across the US. Our products allow you to take control of your energy bill and consume clean energy in your neighborhood and community. With solar you can change how you consume energy which affects you, your community and the world.

As an early adopter, you can enjoy educating your friends, family and community about your personal PV solar system. Rooftop solar arrays are sophisticated innovations in the tech world.  Your investment in green energy and personal clean energy generation will have a ripple effect in your community. 

We’ve found that once we’ve installed a solar array in a community, they tend to multiply within the neighborhood. That’s the beauty of early adopters: they promote change for the better. Right now, it’s new and creative— maybe even a little intimidating—to make a solar investment, but the industry is rapidly expanding: 

It won’t be long before people are wondering why a person wouldn’t have a power generation system on their roof. “Without solar, roofspace is an idle asset.” Invest today and you will be on the frontier of the next generation in home and business energy generation. Click Here to get an estimate on your array and its expected ROI.




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