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Electric Vehicles Prime to Disrupt Market

Electric vehicles are making the news – and not just for being shot into space. The grid demand for electrically charged vehicles is changing the utility industry and disrupting the personal vehicle industry.

For example, Ford Motor Company’s current CEO James Hackett, (formally the head of Ford’s self-driving car division) says that Ford will have 40 electric models by 2022. General Motors has likewise committed itself to an all-electric future, hoping to have more than 18 electric EV models in production by 2023. “General Motors believes the future is all-electric,” says Mark Reuss, the company’s president of GM North America.

With estimates indicating upwards of 2.9 million EVs on the road by 2022, the electricity demand on the grid could grow more than 11,000 gigawatt-hours in just a few years. Utilities must be thinking about their own infrastructure. Likewise, solar and other renewable energy installers are considering their plans.

Better Together Solar uses SolarEdge HD Inverters with integrated car charging stations as our go-to for EV charging stations. Their technology has proven time and again that SolarEdge inverters and chargers are programmable and user-friendly. Customers can see in real time the amount of energy their system is producing, and have confidence that their vehicle is charging efficiently, cheap and green.

SolarEdge Inverter (Top Right), DC Optimizers (Bottom Left)

Electric vehicles charged off rooftop solar arrays are simpler because the power generated by the panels is put straight into the vehicle’s battery. Using electricity coming from the grid to power your car can mean you may be over-spending on charging your car without knowing it. Our hybrid solar system/car charger will allow you to use your solar powered electricity rather than utility rates to charge your car.

BT Solar is committed to integrating solar as an industry standard for residential and commercial EV charging stations. With the right data communication tools, chargers and solar panels on the market, our trained professionals are eager to revolutionize NE Ohio residents’ homes and businesses into the future of smart technology.

Hybrid solar-EV charging stations will become a typical site in residential neighborhoods as electric vehicles continue to drive technological revolution in the auto industry. BT Solar is eager to become your partner for installing solar panels and car chargers in this rapidly expanding industry. Just think, you can be driving electrically with no emissions from your fuel. Let the local experts at BT Solar power you into the future.




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